Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Consumption vs. Waste

World population is increasing. The demands are accordingly; any kind of demands, energy included. Actually about anything is energy: E=mc2. Used energy must be produced. If we are producing more than we are consuming, we'll burn useless some primary energy resources. If we are producing less, we'll not be able to end our projects, or to reach our destination (whichever it might be). So we have to produce the same amount of consumed energy.

Is it everything consumed in order to obtain something useful? Are all the surrounding objects, things, actions or events useful? If not, it means that energy was consumed for the useless ones. I'd rather say that energy was wasted. Dropped! Wasted energy means heat! Should I link this heat to global warming? There's no point in using more energy than I need for this post, so I'll just stop here!

Are we consuming or are we wasting? How much are we consuming, and how much are we wasting? Everything is in our hands! It is up to each and everyone('s will) to weight the situation in order to maintain the perfect balance!

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