Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Google's World - a worthy blog post

As a friend of mine stated, long posts keep readers away. Well, after reading a few lines from a worthy text, no matter if blog post, or chapter from a book, you will know if you intend to read it all or not.

Dunia -
 A few minutes ago, a long blog post about Google, written by Lionel Dricot, drawn my attention. The facts about Google are all written in a brief history alike manner. I was pleased to read about services I am using daily, and about services I only heard about.

Where is Ploum? -
 One of the most interesting aspects related to this post is the conclusion. I shall not reveal it here, only to let you discover it! Enjoy your reading!

Searching Google for "Sleepless Bobby"


  1. "long posts keep readers away"... true... I'll try again... ;/ always interesting posts in your blog! :)

  2. Thanks alot for your comment, Alda! I am using the English translation of your blog posts, but I am reading from the start to the very end! Keep on posting, Alda! And... Seasons Greetings!