Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Passing by St. Anton Church in Old Town of Bucharest, nearby it I noticed  a veil alike cloud. I made a few steps in order to catch it from this angle from which it gives me the idea of a link between the church and the heavens. It is said the the inside of a church represents the skies themselves!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Planet of the Coffee

The Planet of the Coffee - high resolution image captured a while ago (3rd of April, 2015) by my personal telescope Hubble alike, I mean Humble... "My Humble Telescope"! Don't forget: it's just an image... [Sorry! Lack of imagination... You name it!]

Meanwhile, I moved on, from HD photos to HD moving imagery. Another angle, another night (26th of June, 2015), another atmosphere. Still milky though... Well, Milky Way it's still on its own way...

In time, the fast advancing technology will reveal the secrets behind the shady atmosphere from the above images. Or is it just the human soul enough to explain the complexity of feelings while experiencing a sip of coffee? Feel free to let me know!