Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frozen Melted Snow

Yes! It was snow, it melted, then it was freezing in the evening!

Three photos of the same surface (the roof of my car), in three different places, at three moments in time: 17:39, 18:05, 18:10 (Jan. 14th, 2014).

Three different colors: light blue, silver, copper.

(cell phone quality)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter, Snow, Europe, Ukraine

Seeing my last post, I thought that it is almost a month since the year started, and there's a lack of activity on my blog. It is not such a catastrophic event, since it is not a blog with a regular update. Due to the fact that the winter is already installed in my city, probably some new winter photos might be added, so I'll post a few of them.

The first snowy night in Severin.
Google was playing with this photo adding a snowing effect.

The layer of snow was bigger the second night.
It was not snowing at that particular time that I took the picture, so the sky had a different color palette. 
Well, winter in Romania, winter in other Western European countries, winter in Ukraine... In Ukraine where people are still fighting for their rights, people are still fighting to remove a dictator alike president.

Millions and millions of snowflakes blow by the wing in all directions.
My photos are fading in front of the ones of Ilya Varlamov, the journalist that went in the middle of the events that took place in Kiev on January 22nd and 23rd, at "Maidan". The following photos and many more are from Ilya's article, zyalt: Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine, written on LiveJournal.

"Actually the center of Kiev is very pretty right now."
(c) Ilya Varlamov
"European square. Back when it was all starting, there was a stage here, from which politicians pontificated their smart ideas about the future of Ukraine. Now the politicians have move on to Maidan, and the European square has become the rear base of the revolution. Cars with food arrive here; old tires for the bonfires, wood, medicine and reinforcements."
(c) Ilya Varlamov