Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google Storage

Reaching recently some 30% of my 10GB free email account from Google, I cleared up some space by saving on my local drive some attachments, and then deleting some old and unimportant emails. The very next day or so, my Inbox being cleared also by archiving all the emails (available under "All Mail"), I've noticed that 10 was replaced by 15GB!
There is also a link called Manage, which I didn't notice by now, so I clicked it. That action opened a very useful page, called Drive storage. On this page it is indicated "Total storage", and possible extension plans for your account. The plans are starting from 100GB for $4.99/month, and ending with 16TB (the rough equivalent of 1,000 free accounts) for $799.99/month.
The more important thing to consider for a free account is mentioned on the lower part of the page.
  • Google Drive: Store files up to 10GB each. Anything you create with Docs, Sheets, or Slides won’t use up any of your storage.
  • Gmail: Attachments sent and received in Gmail as well as your email messages use your storage.
  • Google+ Photos: Photos bigger than 2048x2048 pixels use your storage. Everything smaller than that is free.
Since its beginning, I am fully enjoying the Google experience! It may not be as eye-catching, or as visual, or transparent in terms of the provided services as others, but Google is definitely a platform to sign up for!

UPDATE: There's a new Gmail inbox starting today (June, the 20th, 2013):

  • organized into categories,
  • easy to customize,
  • available on your mobile device.