Thursday, July 12, 2012

A New EU Copyright Law

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emperor Trajan: Rome's Genocide

Watch "Emporer Trajan: Rome's Genocide" on YouTube. It is about Rome's genocide in Dacia, nowadays Romania. It still is a wanted country for its underground resources: a three letters company for oil, some corporation for gold, another one for copper, and so on... Not to mention the green gold: the forests! Well this is just an economic aspect.

I was taught that Romanians' ancestors are the Dacians and the Romans. This episode of Terry Jones makes me wonder who my ancestors are along with the Dacians: the Romans who left Dacia with the "pockets" full of gold, or the Goths from the North, driven by their own purposes? Maybe the Huns from North-East in search for rich land? Hmmm... Quite a challenge, for the people in this wonderful land, to be able to survive and to build, and to stand for such a long time, considering its crossroads position.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Belgrade Calling Festival 2012

The second day of Belgrade Calling Festival, the 28th of June, 2012, was the one of OZZY Osbourne and Friends.

Belgrade Calling 2012 - Golden Circle ticket

We've missed Satyricon and Sanatorium because on the event schedule the entrance on UŠĆE Park, Belgrade, Serbia, was announced starting 17 hours. While walking towards the park, the sounds of one of the two mentioned bands were floating into the air.

After we've passed the guardians at the entrance of UŠĆE Park, some nice BEAT THE STREET buses revealed to our view.

Ozzy and friends - tour busses

When we reached the Golden Circle in front of the stage, some preparations for Paradise Lost were in progress. Well, their performance was quite good. The length of the show was significantly short: 35 minutes!

Paradise Lost

Zakk Wylde, one of Ozzy's friends, pleased our senses with the sounds of his band, Black Label Society.

Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society

Even though they are not a metal band they know how to play some good rock music, as Ian Astbury mentioned! The Cult included on the show their most famous track: She Sells Sanctuary.


Ozzy invited to accompany him on the stage three of his guitar friends: Zakk Wylde (already mentioned), Slash from Guns N' Roses, and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath.

OZZY Osbourne - just before the show

We were close enough to the stage in order to see the details, but far enough to OZZY's water bucket showers over the public! The foam from his fireman hose reached the row of fans in front of us!

I am posting the clip Bark at the Moon in order to feel the atmosphere, and not for quality of the movie!