Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vikings - Quotes (2)

It is the way of prophecies only to be understood when it has happened, and it is too late to change it! - The Seer
Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst, and corrupts the best! - Ragnar Lothbrok
It is true that the more complicated a person is, the more interesting he is. But at the same time, the more dangerous he is. - King Ecbert
No one can withstand old age in the end. - Harbard
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Ragnar Lothbrok: Do you think you are a good man?
King Ecbert: Yes! I think so... Are you a good man?
Ragnar Lothbrok: Yes! I think so...
It is good to travel with hope and with courage, but it is still better to travel with knowledge! - Ragnar Lothbrok

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