Saturday, December 26, 2015

November Clouds

The pattern of the clouds was very unusual that November day, especially the one above the line of the horizon. The powerful contrast sent a sensation of a strong inner force ready to be unleashed! It only needed a sign... I dare to make an image-sound parallel between this photo and Be'lakor's song called Venator.

Here are a few more pics.

As proposed by Noiembrie, Active Child's Johnny Belinda is also a great tune for the above pictures! Please enjoy the sounds along my pictures!

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  1. The clouds right there seem tough and dark, and they look like glaciers... The picture is very interesting.
    I'll listen to the song and I'm sure it suits the picture really well. Although, I think this song might go nicely along with it Active Child - Johnny Belinda...
    In the end, the horizon line has vanished, and the sky above reached the ground...
    All the pictures are wonderful! Congratulations!
    Nice post!

    1. Thank you for your comment on this post! That glacier alike image made me pull over and take a few shots. I shall listen to your music proposal! As soon as I shall open my PC, I shall add Active Child to my photos on this post!if

      Although I've shot enough pictures for at least one weekly post, it seems that I can not find the dragging force to put those pictures online. Thinking about my followers, I've managed to transform one of my comments on Google Plus made around this picture in the above post. I am glad you've received the notification on new post!

    2. As soon as I opened Active Child by Johnny Belinda on YouTube, the clip was marked as viewed. The clouds and the mountains in the video definitely brought the memory back, and I remembered the sound as well. Austtalia... A dream land... A tough land...
      Wonderful music! Wonderful clip!

  2. La mulți ani! Un an nou cât mai bun, cu sănătate și cât mai multe zâmbete!

    1. La mulți ani, Iustina! Mulțumesc foarte mult pentru urări! Mulțumesc foarte mult si pentru vizitele pe blogul meu! Un An Nou fericit!

  3. La mulți ani! Un an nou cât mai bun, cu sănătate și cât mai multe zâmbete!