Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Sunset

After a few days with temperatures recording many degrees (Celsius around here) over zero, the snow is only visible on the top of the distant mountains, and "palpable" on some dark corners where it was previously concealed during its removal.

The other day I was driving back home, only the sunset didn't let me drive in peace, so I pulled on the right side of the road in order to shot a couple of pictures on the Danube River left bank.

Sunset over the Danube


  1. judytaafterwork.bloger.comFebruary 19, 2014 at 11:53 PM

    Sunset over the Danube-looks very quietly...Im dreaming about long holidays...

    1. Hi, Judita!
      Not only that looks very quiet, but it also is very quiet!
      You might like to search the web for some "Danube cruise" or "Danube holiday"...
      The search results might surprise you! In a pleasant way!
      Thank you for your comment, and have a wonderful night!

  2. Hello Mihai,
    my sister husband is from Romania,so I hope one day they will take me to Romania...I saw already many photos,you live in very beautiful place.

    1. Hello, Judita!
      Romania is indeed a very beautiful country!
      Mehedinti, my county, has it all: mountains, hills and plains, and it is bordered by the mighty Danube! Both its hydropower plants in Romania are built in this beautiful county!
      If you will visit Romania, you definitely must make a plan in advance because there are so many places to visit!
      If I may help, let me know!