Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emperor Trajan: Rome's Genocide

Watch "Emporer Trajan: Rome's Genocide" on YouTube. It is about Rome's genocide in Dacia, nowadays Romania. It still is a wanted country for its underground resources: a three letters company for oil, some corporation for gold, another one for copper, and so on... Not to mention the green gold: the forests! Well this is just an economic aspect.

I was taught that Romanians' ancestors are the Dacians and the Romans. This episode of Terry Jones makes me wonder who my ancestors are along with the Dacians: the Romans who left Dacia with the "pockets" full of gold, or the Goths from the North, driven by their own purposes? Maybe the Huns from North-East in search for rich land? Hmmm... Quite a challenge, for the people in this wonderful land, to be able to survive and to build, and to stand for such a long time, considering its crossroads position.

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